Verdon is a group of men and women enthusiastic about technique who take pride in designing and building industrial installations according to best manufacturing practices.
Working steel, welding, industrial piping, and boiler making are decades-old traditional jobs.
Every day, step by step, Verdon is adding innovation to its methods, digital technologies, and an ever-growing focus on the Human side of things.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Engineering and architecture consultants invent future factories, map out new processes and do the general design of the installations. Verdon brings them to life.

What sets Verdon apart is its assembly thought-out and maintenance + safety oriented detailed design.
Our engineers and drafters draw up detailed plans that consider the assembly sequence, optimise layouts and supporting components in line with their calculations and anticipate operating and maintenance constraints.
Combined with our electrical, instrumentation, automation and boiler-work expertise, Verdon is the ideal One Stop Shop to turn your projects into reality.

Our approach

Detailed and transparent offers. At Verdon, we look in detail at the projects we decide to quote, explain our pricing, and provide buyers with all comparative elements.

The contract is essential. But unlike our competitors, Verdon prioritises listening, flexibility, finding solutions and taking responsibility instead of hiding behind contractual clauses. We choose our customers carefully because we want to make them long-term partners.

How we operate

We carry ad hoc works in the vicinity of our workshops in Belgium and the North of France.
We provide yearly mechanical maintenance services at industrial sites ranging from chemical or pharmaceutical plants to breweries.
We manage turnkey projects, from the P&ID to the prefabrication of skids at our factories and the on-site installation and qualification.
For our conveyor systems assembly business, we always work as subcontractors for leading installation companies worldwide.

Key figures

Combined turnover in 2021
Years of operation
Surface area of workshops and offices
Annual renewable energy production



Three seasoned entrepreneurs embark on an industrial adventure and set up Verdon. Initially specialising in boiler making for the brewing and pharmaceutical industries, the company gradually developed recognised expertise in industrial maintenance.


A new generation takes over the company and builds an engineering department while strengthening its mechanical, electrical and instrumentation businesses.


International development and implementation of projects as EPC in the water sector.


First complete factory revamping. Studies, 3D modelling and coordination of all subcontractors and stakeholders, amounting to more than four hundred people.


One of the five most prominent companies in the world entrusts Verdon with the construction of Europe's largest datacenter. Mission accomplished, resulting in more work. In addition, the company acquired new skills in HVAC, industrial ventilation, and air treatment techniques.


Acquisition of STIN in Douvrin, near Lille.


Acquisition of Cordier, well known for its activities around turbines in nuclear power plants.


Expansion in France with the acquisition of CDNI, active in conveyor system assembly, and CICR, a company founded in the early 1970s near Compiègne renowned for its shell reactors and expertise in high-purity piping and skids.


Realisation of turnkey projects in France and Belgium's pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors.


Development of new modular steel construction, skids, and project engineering techniques.


New website launch to reflect the company's evolution and capabilities.


  • The Verdon Group is run by the brothers Dario and Massimo Vergnasco, directors.
  • Engineering and QA/QC Manager: Luc Gerodez
  • Administrative and Finance Manager: Vincent Drogo
  • Branch Manager Verdon – STIN: Fabien Pontus
  • Branch Manager Verdon – CICR: Jean-Baptiste Gallois
  • Branch Manager Verdon – CDNI: Freddy Doyen


Regional Leader