Security is a top priority

We prioritise safety above anything else. Individual commitment is strengthened by a genuine collective culture that advocates "shared daily vigilance" for the well-being of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers.

Safety at Verdon is based on three pillars:

Technical pillar

There are no successful results without in-depth action regarding the quality of our technical devices (equipment, tools, personal protective equipment) and their maintenance.

Management pillar

This pillar aims to improve performance by bringing together prevention policies, resources, and staff in continuous improvement.

Training and certification pillar

Hundreds of hours of safety training are provided annually to our Verdon workforce, and all our entities are VCA** certified in Belgium or MASE certified in France.

A vast array of practical tools

Risk assessment

Identifying any risks to which staff may be exposed makes it possible to implement relevant preventive actions covering the work's technical, human, and organisational aspects.
Our safety managers achieve this by completing Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) and conducting hundreds of site visits per year.

Analysis of occurences

We do not see the occurrence of an event as a fatality but as an opportunity for improvement.
Therefore, we have implemented an analysis system to determine the root causes and associated preventive actions that can be taken to help improve our system.

Continuous communication

For our industrial maintenance business, communication is organised weekly. Every week our Safety team writes or updates a new "Toolbox" highlighting a specific procedure, practice, equipment... Our site managers present and discuss this Toolbox with their teams, and each technician signs the document.

Operations management

Verdon’s "Planning Constraints" tool makes it possible for skills and training, alongside their due dates, to be considered when planning and dispatching staff on job sites.

Safety for and with our customers

The safety of our staff is our priority, but we have a role to play through projects or contracts awarded by our customers. We must know and comply with their safety procedures but also provide them with our expertise for certain phases and sometimes supervise the safety actions of other stakeholders during the various construction stages. Therefore, Verdon developed the MasterClass Maintenance Safety (MMS), a full-day training course in which customer procedures are analysed based on our maintenance expertise.