Collective intelligence

Focused on People

Focused on People

Relationships, motivations, and human conscience are evolving.
Verdon is convinced that People must be at the heart of its business strategy.
In 2019, a long and exciting journey to transform corporate relationships and develop employee potential began at Verdon.
It has allowed us to build a shared “raison d'être” and a foundation of shared values.
It continues today through frequent discussion workshops, individual coaching, or access to an extensive catalogue of both technical and behavioural training ("soft skills").

Raison d’être and values

To passionately contribute to our customers' future through our team of people's positive development and commitment.

Our values:

  • Trust: Let us build a sustainable, caring relationship
  • Recognition: Let us enjoy promoting both our successes and our individuals
  • Teamwork: Let us work effectively, together, towards our future success
  • Progress: Let us commit to being bold as we move forward

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Verdon supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is particularly committed to the five goals below, where we believe we can create the most value for our employees, customers and suppliers, and society at large.


Good health and well-being

Verdon is committed to its employees' health, well-being, and safety.
We invest in occupational safety every day and strive to create an environment centred around people and respect, in which everyone finds their balance and professional fulfilment, whether they are young professionals or experienced employees.


Gender equality

In addition to equality, Verdon is looking for new female employees, including for technical positions.


Decent work and economic growth

By developing our business activities from the provinces of Hainaut in Belgium and Hauts-de-France, Verdon proudly contributes to the redeployment of two of the regions in Europe most affected by the end of coal mining and the restructuring of the steel industry.


Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Reasonable reindustrialisation will require smaller, adaptable, and environmentally friendly units. Verdon develops modular structures and sub-assemblies capable of supporting all kinds of equipment. These units can be transported and assembled like Lego™. With this technology, the dream of kitted factories for vaccine production in Africa can become a reality.


Measures to combat climate change

Verdon helps its industrial customers become more energy efficient by building and installing heat recovery systems.
We are also taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint, for example, by producing our renewable energy using photovoltaic panels and eliminating all single-use plastic containers in our offices.