About us

About us

A committed player in the sustainable reindustrialisation of Europe, a regional leader with four locations in Belgium and the North of France, bolstered by 45 years of experience, Verdon is an industrial EPC integrating solutions in engineering, construction, and maintenance.

From the pipework feeding utilities to a process, to the mechanical structure supporting powerlines in a datacenter, to the luggage conveyors in an airport, the vital arteries of your installations are a common feature of our business.

Integrating solutions in engineering, construction,
and maintenance


Detailed engineering (isometrics, 3D models), electricity & instrumentation, logistics planning, on-site testing plus qualification: Verdon allows its customers to deliver their projects on time and within budget. We are the linchpin between the general design and the construction at the end user site.


Specialising in welding, industrial piping, boiler-making, HVAC, and assembly/lifting, Verdon builds new units, skids, and extensions to working facilities on-site or at its workshops.


Expert in industrial maintenance, Verdon ensures the installations’ upkeep, modernisation, and compliance so that operators can exploit their full productive potential.

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