Welding expert

Verdon has acquired full proficiency in welding procedures and works on all steel grades: carbon steel, stainless steel, CrMo steel, alloy steels, aluminium, titanium, Hastelloy, Incoloy...
We have a complete range of TIG-MIG-ARC and semi-automatic welding stations, welding arms, and portable and fixed welding orbital machines (open and closed heads).
Our welding point by welding point captioned isometrics, combined with our production ERP Quality™, enable full traceability up to the validity period of the operators' qualifications. In addition, our welders are certified according to European standards EN ISO 9601–1 and ASME IX and are regularly controlled by an independent body.

Clean and black piping

Whether subject to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) or not, Verdon has recognised expertise in the prefabrication and assembly of all types of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, composites, and fibreglass industrial and high-purity piping, regardless of the kind of material and fluid.

Pipework examples (non-exhaustive list):

  • Carbon steel piping up to P355GH, P460GH...P11 in large thicknesses
  • Stainless steel piping, Hastelloy alloy, Incoloy/Inconel
  • Solvent-free, epoxy-coated water supply pipes
  • Underground gas pipes with polyurethane corrosion protection
  • High-pressure pure gas piping

Boilers and pressure vessels

Verdon designs and builds all types of boilers and tanks and the stirring systems required for mixtures, dispersions, and emulsions. Manufacturing or storage tanks, single or double jacketed, pressure or absolute vacuum resistant, steam sterilisable, with or without heat exchange and in all finishes (pickled and passivated, milled, polished or electropolished). We also build their accessories (supports, metal stairs, railings).

Examples of boiler-making (non-exhaustive list):

  • Tanks for decantation, sterilisation, preparation, mixing, crystallisation...
  • Vessels for neutralisation, gas storage, expansion...
  • Separators, settling tanks, crystallisers...
  • Reactors with double jacket or shell


Verdon is THE regional benchmark for piping and HVAC installations in datacenters. Except for civil engineering and HV power supplies, we implement all the techniques that enable these 21st-century factories to operate.

Examples of our capabilities (non-exhaustive list):

  • Design, construction, painting, transportation, on-site assembly, and pressure tests (nitrogen and water) of all pipework (chilled water, refrigerants, sprinklers, tap water...)
  • Design and construction of supports, installing and connecting chilled water units and other HVAC equipment.
  • Installation of ventilation ducts, start-up of air handling units and humidifiers in line with European standards and BSRIA procedures
  • Design, construction and installation of double jacket steel tanks and pipes for powering generators, with automatic filling control
  • Design and construction of metal structures supporting power supplies (busbars and PDUs) and server cabling

Electricity & Instrumentation (E&I)

Verdon designs, assembles, and connects the electrical cabinet and the instrumentation of the factory prefabricated skids. The programming of the PLC’s is most of the time subcontracted to trusted partners.

Installation / lifting works

Whether modernising or replacing faulty equipment, Verdon conducts precision assembly and lifting work in datacenters and, more generally, in all constrained and sensitive locations such as operating production units.

For example, Verdon designed and built a gantry for dismantling and replacing ventilation groups weighing up to 3T in a small space without modifying the cable trays. The operation also included replacing the piping and renewing the power supply and sandwich panels.

Assembly and installation of conveyor systems

Via its CDNI division close to Paris Charles De Gaulle airport, Verdon has been installing conveyor systems in airports, distribution centres and industrial facilities for over 20 years.

We have multi-brand expertise in the following systems (non-exhaustive list):

  • Individual, conveyor, vertical or overhead belts
  • Check-in counters and departure and arrival conveyors
  • Sorting (medium and high speed) and automated storage
  • Bottling and packaging
  • Transporting aggregates and raw materials

Verdon also handles and installs explosives detection systems (EDS), millimetre wave scanners and security gates in airports, sensitive locations, and major events.

Major contractors that trust us