Detailed engineering

We offer services that fit our customers' preferred model, whether they choose to separate the design and construction or prefer a « design & build » solution with a turnkey project.

Verdon enjoys a compelling reputation for creating isometric plans – captioned welding point by welding point – and for designing and dimensioning piping supports.

We design well because we build ourselves.


  • Stress and flexibility calculations, modelling, 3D scanning and layouts optimisation analysis
  • Creation of detailed isometrics and 3D models
  • Design and dimension pressure devices, tanks, vessels…
  • Design and dimension the piping network and all the control and command accessories (pumps, valves, filters, bleeders, vents, drains…)
  • Dimensioning supports for heat exchangers, cooling units, insulation wraps
  • Electrical board assembly and wiring
  • Choice and installation of the instrumentation, wiring of the transmitters
  • Selection and coordination of partners for the PLCs programming
  • Preparation of the as-built plans and documentation

For simple processes, we can start from a flowsheet to create a P&ID diagram and submit it for approval by the customer.

We work according to any standards or codes you may require (CODAP, CODETTI, API650, AD MERKBLATT, ASME, ANSI B31-1 and B31-3)

We design in Plant 3D and Advance Steel, manufacture modular systems with Solidworks and use BIM Revit and Navisworks to share project data with design offices and allow customers to view it. In addition, our internal costing tool capitalises on decades of experience and knowledge of DACE and other data depositories.

Project Engineering

Verdon has developed unique expertise in designing and constructing factory prefabricated modular structures and sub-assemblies, shipped, and reassembled on site.

Our team of engineers, draughtsmen and fitters can handle a wide range of assembly parts, closely related plans and supporting documents. We manage technical data from a centralised vault to ease collaboration, improve productivity and ensure that changes and releases are under control.

Verdon can manage the entire planning and supply chain, from purchasing components to packing and shipping sub-assemblies – listed by QR codes – in MS Dynamics 365™.


Skids are transportable structures containing equipment to carry a specific industrial process. Compression, mixing, cooling, pumping, reheating, injection, preparation, filtration, ultrafiltration, vacuum, air separation, electrolysis...Verdon assembles tailor-made skids for various applications, from water treatment to petrochemicals, food processing and pharmaceuticals.

Safety – Speed – Quality – Value for money – Flexibility. Benefits of skids

  • Maximum safety by reducing co-activity during on-site installation and through more straightforward lockout procedures by grouping together the command-and-control elements
  • Faster deployment time. Plug and play installation in existing facilities with no plant shutdown
  • Optimal quality and traceability thanks to the construction in a controlled environment, which also allows dynamic Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Space saving, optimisation of material consumption (weight) and accessibility (maintenance costs), standardisation/duplication options (amortisation of design costs)
  • Flexibility should the production line be changed or relocated.

Structural stress calculations

Verdon does have the competencies and software tools for complex dimensioning works.

For example, dimensioning and construction of a reactor and its supporting structure as part of a hydrogen purification plant. The challenge? ATEX environment, seismic zone, tropical region (risk of typhoons) and ASME code!